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For whom to invest in real-estate in Budapest

Posted in Investment on Apr 03, 2019

Why is it a good thing to invest in Budapest in real-eastate and how you can profit from it? 

Investing in real-estate in Budapest was always a profitable idea, and it does move a lot of people fantasies to try. Also it's pretty obvious why, first of all it's around us,palpable and last but not least valuable. Everyone knows for renting we need to pay a peasant price.But to whom is the real-estate investment?
Is this really the best place where you can put your money? And what about Budapest?

How it will make money?

The apartment investment generates returns in two ways:
 - the purchased used or new homes increase in value
-on the other hand the recoverable income can be calculated on the basis of its return.

What is the main attractiveness of Budapest ? 

First of all, the prices. Which are still much lower compared to the surrounding capital cities,while the country's perception, stability is steadily increasing, not to mention the tourism.

Budapest property features

Most of the properties which are  offered for sale in Budapest is characterized by the fact that they usually need renovation in both houses and apartments. That's why flats have been used to flourish, as the newly refurbished apartments are priced at a premium rate in a much shorter time.The state of the buildings are  also becoming more and more important, and in a nicely restored house the same quality real estate is usually found at a higher price. Important to mention there re still a lot not so good quality buildings are exist all round the centre, but usually they have a separated renovation fund and in few years it can be predicted that most of the buildings will be renovated.

Which are the best ares?

Like in every city, it's possible to localize the best areas. Which can depend on many circumstances, like the locations of universities, tourists areas etc. In Budapest that's why the best areas concerned mainly together, because all the big universities,sights,pubs,restaurants even party area (which usually not in the city centre) placed in the heart of the capital. If we want to mention these areas by name these are the inside part of the V.,VI,VII, districts, all in the Pest side. Here any propriety can be rented all the time for even short- or long term, the decision after only depends that the owner what expect to earn from it in a month

How to choose? 

The best advice is to choose in the centre of Budapest in one of the districts mentioned above, the nearness of public transportation, universities, 24/7 groceries can only rises the properties value as well, as the universities and main sights. 

What are the risks? 

Most of the people thinks it's pretty easy thing to do to invest in real-eastate, like "I buy a flat I rent it and I'll have a fix passive income". Usually those investors never count with the costs of the property reales, what are money and time,nor on the cost of capital, that is the return on investments available as an alternative. That's why the best idea is to take advice from an experienced team, and minimize the risks, and maximize your profit.

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