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How to invest in Budapest?

Posted in Investment on Nov 25, 2019

How and why and  to invest in Budapest? 

Firstly, you must ask the simplest question WHY? Why this city in the heart of Europe? What makes it worthy and profitable for investment and how does it even works? Also where?

Let me give you a small tasting and answers for all those questions what you have in mind of yours trough this article.

Why and where?  

Budapest is nowadays one of the fastest developing city in the EU, with still affordable prices, thereby  making it attractive in the sight of tourism, within over the 50 international International airport delivering as well. What makes this city uniques is not only its beauty and touristic but the opportunity it holds in itself.

Let's see some facts!

The 5#  most attractive city in the EU

The capital of Hungary attracts about 10 000 000 tourist yearly, 
which keeps increasing of 6% by year, with an average cost of 40€ for a night

Affordable development

The less expensive capital trough the members of Europe Union by square meters

Low tax level

No yearly real estate tax and tax free on the sales ad value after 5 years

By numbers it means...

From 180 000 EUR the guarantee of profitability is 8%  and  
+10% increase of the real estate price (VS 2014),
what means the property not just earn back its own value but increase it as well


The final question and maybe the main after all those facts. You can do it by yourself, by discovering all the areas, the real-estate market and maybe try to cope with beauties of Hungarian languge. Or  simply, if you wouldn't want all the hassle, but still would like to have a profitable high passive income  and most importantly stable income. What is be honest rare those days, then you should get more information and discover the most comfortable opportunities around!

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