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Importance of interior design

Posted in Renovation on Jan 10, 2020

The importance of interior decoration

  Interior decoration is key in the rental of your apartment. This will allow you to trigger the tenants' favorite from the first visit. Today, 4 main types of decoration are dominating: the Scandinavian style, the pop style, the art deco which strongly returns and of course the contemporary style.

Scandinavian decoration is the trend of the moment. This natural and warm style is distinguished by white walls or pastel colors, furniture and objects refined with raw materials such as wood, and decorative accessories such as candles, plaids, carpets that warm the atmosphere of your property. . The integration of color is done via green plants, or very colorful details like cushions on a sofa. This Scandinavian style is a flagship trend in interior design.

After having known its moment of glory in the 60s, pop culture is coming back very strongly during the last 5 years. And this style quickly invades decoration and design with bright and lively colors, designer furniture, geometric patterns. The pop decoration gives personality to the interior of a flat.

Like pop culture, Art Deco is back in fashion again. Indeed, this style highlights paintings, wallpapers, sculptures, gilding or wrought iron. Nicknamed "French luxury", Art Deco represents refined glamor. The trend of wallpapers accentuates this return by highlighting color and gilding.

Finally, the contemporary style in interior design. Contemporary style is mainly defined by two words: modern and minimalist. It is characterized by neutral colors, clean lines and shapes, designer furniture, etc. The "loft" atmosphere is essential! Constantly looking for innovation, this style offers us new materials with specific matters, whether through glass, iron, cement, plastic.

"You will never have a second chance to make a good first impression." This is especially true when it comes to real estate.

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