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Invest into a penthouse

Posted in Investment on Jan 29, 2021

Roof terraces with great potential, this is not what is lacking in Budapest, far from it! These have many strengths and can help achieve various goals. In addition, they can be used in different ways, such as creating a shared garden there, for example. If you want to invest in real estate in Budapest, roof terraces can therefore be a good idea. 

Roof terraces of Budapest: a large number of advantages

More than 0.3 million square meters or 7% of the intramural surface of Budapest , it is the surface of roof terraces that we find in the Hungarian capital. The latter have a large number of qualities.

-First, they offer an incredible and unique view of the City of Light . However, seeing Budapest from the sky (or almost) is the dream of many people.

-Secondly, the light is simply exceptional there since no building (or other) stands in the way. It is indeed not on the ground floor that you could benefit from a luminosity like that which one enjoys on the Parisian roofs.

-Third, being on the rooftops takes you away from the city and its constant and (sometimes) infernal hubbub. What more ?
But while the flat roofs of Budapest add up the good points, they are under-exploited. However, they would allow many evolutions for the city. If you want to take advantage of it, give the Immo hunter a mission to find great opportunities.

Investing in the rooftops of Budapest: various objectives targeted

The idea of investing in the roofs of Budapest is synonymous with several objectives. First of all, it is a matter of unloading the soil in favor of the sursoil . What do we mean by that? This means moving, raising anything that does not require direct contact with the street, such as gardens for example.
Offering more green spaces , never too many in large cities like Budapest, is another objective that investment in roof terraces could achieve. Likewise, the roofs could accommodate new nurseries, sports grounds and others.
Third objective of the investment in roofs: the rehabilitation of many buildings whose state of obsolescence is so advanced that the co-owners can no longer assume the maintenance costs. The sale of square meters of roof terraces could help in this direction.
Finally, the last objective could be to develop the supply of social housing. But the use of roofs to achieve these various goals encounters some obstacles.

Obstacles that you will meet

Investing in the rooftops of Budapest faces some obstacles . The regulations of the PLU (local town planning plan) and that of the town planning code are one of them, as are fire safety and condominium votes.
A relaxation of the regulations (one-off exemptions, etc.) would therefore be desirable to carry out this project to invest in the roofs of Budapest. As for the problems of fire safety and condominium votes, various solutions should be considered.
Finally, investing in the roofs of Budapest poses other legal (insurance, etc.) and technical (site, structure, foundation, etc.) problems.

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