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Procédure d’acquisition immobilière en Hongrie

Posted in Investment on Dec 19, 2019

Real estate acquisition procedure in Hungary

As in France, a real estate acquisition in Hungary can be carried out directly between individuals but also via a real estate agency.

On average, the fees applied by Hungarian professionals amount to around 4% including tax. A difference exists between the two countries: in Hungary, the sales agreement does not exist. Indeed, here, the buyer must generally pay 1% of the price offered during the purchase offer. This percentage will then be deducted from the total price of the sale if the offer is accepted. In the event that the seller does not accept the offer and if the potential buyer does not wish to continue negotiations, the 1% will be returned to him. Conversely, if the offer is accepted by the seller and the offeror reconsiders his initial offer, the 1% will be retained by the seller.

When signing the final deed, provision must be made for the payment of a maximum of 10% of the sale price in the form of a deposit, plus attorneys' fees which vary between 1% and 2%.

Another difference, cadastral registrations are carried out by lawyers specializing in real estate transactions in Hungary, which corresponds to notarial acts in France.

Finally, the full payment of the sale price is made at the same time as the handing over of the keys as well as the signing of the minutes of possession. Generally, taxes and transfer fees represent 4% of the purchase price. The new owner then has one year after the sale to pay the full amount.

The whole procedure takes about 2 to 3 months, which is similar to what is practiced in France.

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