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Real-estate in Budapest : the goose that lays the golden eggs

Posted in Investment on Nov 08, 2019

In 2018, according to the consultant Knight Frank, the global market of housing recorded a grow of 4.3%. Only 79% of the national market increased.

Budapest recorded the strongest increase in the world. Indeed, the Hungarian capital was already in the top 5 last years, but 2018 was a turning point for the real-estate in Budapest.

A number shows this exceptional growth: in 12 months, prices increased of 22.9%. This city is definitely the best place for investing in the real-estate.

A real-estate heritage gorgeous 

Created in 1873 following the merger of Buda (Hungary’s capital at that time) and Pest, Budapest built an incredible real-estate, among the most beautiful in the world. The value of real property is constantly increasing for few years. Still more reachable than its European counterpart like Paris, Londres or Amsterdam, Budapest represents a great opportunity for investments.

Very profitable investments in Budapest

Like you might understand, investments in Budapest are highly profitable. Its yields, around 8%, are more attractive than those in Europe. Moreover, by doing short-term rentings and during peak seasons, these yields can easily reach 10% , even 15%.

The Hungarian tax system is also favorable and strongly participates in this growth. Indeed, the taxation on income amounts to only 16%. It is included between 10% and 19% for dividends. There are also tax treaty with the majority of European Union members, which avoid double taxation if you are leaving abroad.

Budapest: a perfect geographic position

Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest enjoys a unique localization: 2h away from Paris, 2h25 from London, 1h30 from Berlin, 2h30 from Moscow, etc. Hence, being easily accessible, tourism in Budapest is growing steadily. Investors from all around Europe and the whole world are converging toward Budapest.

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