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As we see it: Short-term rental

Posted in News on Jan 17, 2019

The basics you must know before begin letting for rent your property 

First of all there are plenty of post, articles about rules, taxation all around the internets even ones specialized in the renting in Budapest, Hungary,
but those missing the guidelines and it's hard to find one  what summarize all the esentials. Going through our points will help you see clearly the market of short-term rentals, and give you a helping-hand for the kick start!

So let's see the first steps, for the beginning!

Is your flat actually ready and equipped for rent?

Sometimes the answer seems obvious, but it still can be a little tricky, to be a good host and satisfy both your guests and your wallet. Most importantly you should check that your flat meets the expectations rules and regulations on which ever platform you rent it. Also ask yourself if you would like the environment, and the description matches with the reality.
We advice you to also prepare a small welcome box each time, with some sweets and a welcome letter.
You will see the smile will not avoid you and that will be visible in your future ratings as well. 

Choose the platform/platform(s) which fit you best

Most of the people know Airbnb,Booking,Tripadvasior and Expedia, you should choose as beginner only one or maximum a few, because even they can be sycnrazhed there are plenty opportunity for mistakes and over booking what is not good for anyone, or find some help for the begging! Even appearing on smaller private ones but with stable, huge customer base can be a very good idea.

Take photos and make the best out of your apartment!

We advise you to make your flat as attractive as possible you should take quality pictures, hardly advised to take the services of a professional photographer. There are plenty fish in the sea so if you would like to have as many guests as you can then you should be aware of the quality.
Not only the pictures but the description should be creative, because being the 978th "Cosy,flat in the center" will not turn many attention.

Optimize your profile, set the price and rules

Set the prices tailored to your apartment and its location, and make your own rules, for e.g the check in/out time will it be managed personally by you or maybe automatically?

Looks too complicated and too much hassle? And we haven't even mentioned the taxation, cleaning etc... It can be assumed that short-term renting not always care free fun if you want to keep your ratings up and your apartment maintained. It's worth to consider getting some help, and let it go all the worries and just enjoying the benefits!

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