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Interior designs inspired by you

Posted in News on Oct 12, 2019

Trends of 2018 of interior design to make your dreams come true

Modern and old together. Naturalness and high quality materials. Convenience and environmentally friendly approach.
These are the main features of the interior design of this year.

Choice of material

The popularity of concrete does not fad neither of the natural wood materials. Both of them are time less, but let's look of the new ideas as the patterned tiles, and not anymore just for your bathroom or kitchen, but with help don't be afraid to use it in other spaces like living room etc...

Bring the nature in your home

The enthusiasm towards the plants and flowers still not dropped by this year, even increased trough the wall decoration as it was mentioned above. Plants are not only decoration but making the atmosphere better and even healthier. In large places it's recommended the bigger pots while in smaller places you should choose submerges ,those  can be stacked and hanged up, decorating the space even more. Here comes also the initials of plants the pots and vases.Those should be selected carefully matched to the dominant colors of your home not to cause a chaos.  For those whom it wouldn't be enough can take a chance with the plant wall known as vertical garden too.

Wall decorations and colors only your imagination the limit

In this year color palette  a white base with some contrasting color, the monochrome and the natural tones the serene and bluecoat be found as well the candy colors and he luscious, full shades, but as we used to hear the black is back too and in many variations. Still the biggest challenge is to make harmony and a cal full environment in the concourse
The other opportunity or choose to combine the too with the colors are this year winning more and more ground the unusual and unique wall decorations.  
You can also reuse items that you never thought of it like, if you collect something don't keep in sideboard rather put on the wall in new stylish composition with the help of proffesionals.
Also don't be afraid of the good old wall papers and smuggle some colors and feeling of a nature in your home!

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